Science Fiction and Fantasy

by Claire Powell

Text Box: The Fremden

The Fremden is a sequel to Opfer: The Mission of Tor.

The Fremden

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The Fremden is a sequel to Opfer: The Mission of Tor. After the sending of many probes and shuttles, the Earth is discovered to be habitable once more by the United Galactic Nations, which is hoping to establish a colony, and is surprised to find a thriving, indigenous population partly descended from the Moonbase mutineers who landed some two thousand years earlier. Its representatives become embroiled in the affairs of the peoples of Reesland, Gallia and Friland, who are at war with the dictator from the East, the Khan of Yhaammed. While the combined armies struggle against oppression, the members of the alliesí royal families struggle between their duty and their desires, and the King of Reeslandís son struggles against his vastic inheritance, a legacy from his alien Quallic ancestry.

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