Science Fiction and Fantasy

by Claire Powell

Text Box: Opfer

"The compulsion to read on is there, all right...we have a fine new writer," The Times


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"Once upon a time in the mists of memory (or perhaps in a time to come)..." runs the opening to this extraordinary blend of fantasy and science fiction, which takes in an ancient feud between two barbaric races, the flight from a devastated planet Earth and the colonisation of other worlds, mental telepathy on a previously unimaginable scale, and the fabled Annals of Questria. In a situation where the future influences the past, and where free will and predestination combine and merge, the struggles, triumphs and disasters of individuals take on a new meaning - the survival or otherwise of the human race.

As some of the questions are answered and the narrative begins to tie up the seemingly disjointed loose ends, there are still riddles to be solved, sacrifices to be made and battles to be won, and even the humblest person has an unconscious role to play in the working out of mankind's destiny.

On first appearance, 'The Mission of Tor', the first of the three volumes that make up Opfer, seems to be a simple fantasy story. But where do the legends come from? Who are the Quallics? What exactly is Questria? Is this a scene from the past or the future? And does history repeat itself?

As the second volume traces the ancestry of the Reeslanders and Frilanders, and the third volume begins to reveal the answers, one question still remains to be answered: just who
is pulling the strings?

Good value for money - three books in one!

"The compulsion to read on is there, all right...we have a fine new writer,"
The Times

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